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Marker F12 TOUR EPF 100MM BLK/AN 2022
Marker F12 TOUR EPF 100MM BLK/AN 2022

F12 TOUR EPF 100MM BLK/AN 2022

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The Kingpin 13 with new toe piece for ambitious backcountry and freeride touring enthusiasts.


The innovative Kingpin redefines the performance standard for Alpine touring bindings. The Kingpin’s unique toe and heel pieces are the culmination of years of R&D testing. Ease of use and best of all, great power transmission while on the descent mean that you can have a perfect day in the backcountry on the Kingpin. The latest version now includes a two spring toe based on the Alpinist technology. This safes 80g per toe without losing performance! The Kingpin offers tremendous walking and step-in comfort, wide drill pattern and XXL Power Transmitter for impressive power transfer. Including climbing aids from 0° to 13°.